Solid Color Light-Up Dog Collar




Solid Color Lit LED Dog Collar

Protect your dog in the dark!

Dogs are curious creatures, and as a dog owner, you want to know where your beloved friend is leading you and find him if you two are separated!  With your Solid Color Light-Up Dog Collar, finding your friend is easy!  Dogs without such lit collars or obvious lighting are also far more likely to be hit by cars!

Entertain with a dog-led light show!

Dogs are also creatures who can be trained to delight!  Entertain your friends, family, and clients when the lights go out and the collars come on!

Get a matching set – or a mixed set if that’s your fancy!

Combining your Solid Color Lit LED Dog Collar with a Solid Color Lit LED Dog Leash, you can provide your dog with extra visibility and protection!

Product Facts

-Powered by replaceable button batteries expected to last 60-80 hours (2-3 months) of typical use.  Batteries not included.

-Toggleable Light Modes: Solid Light (On), Fast Blink, Slow Blink, and Off.

-The collar’s length is adjustable within the sizes below:


XS (Extra Small): Width 2cm x Length (28 ~ 40) cm (0.78 inches x 11 inches ~ 15.75 inches)

S (Small): Width 2.5cm x Length (34 ~ 42) cm (0.98 inches x 13.38 inches ~ 16.5 inches)

M (Medium): Width 2.5cm x Length (40 ~ 48) cm (0.98 inches x 15.75 inches ~ 18.89 inches)

L (Large): Width 2.5cm x Length (45~ 52) cm (0.98 inches x 17.71 inches ~ 20.5 inches)

XL (Extra Large): Width 2.5cm x Length (52 ~ 60) cm (0.98 inches x 20.5 inches ~ 23.62 inches)


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