Magic Circle Wireless Phone Charging Station




Magic Circle Wireless Phone Charging Station

Charge your phone wirelessly and quickly!

Impress your friends with your new light-up cord while dancing in the dark!

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” -Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law

And with your magic circle phone charger, the speed at which your phone charges wirelessly may feel to you like magic!

Product Facts!

-Compatibility: This charger works only with mobile phones with a wireless changing ability!  Other phones need an adapter to be able to be charged wirelessly!
Model: KD-1
Fast Charge Input: 10 Watts/9 Volts/1.67 Amps
Fast Charge Output: 10 Watts/9 Volts/1 Amp
Maximum Charging Transmission Distance: 0.8 cm (about 1/3 an inch)
 -Maximum Charging Efficiency: About 76%

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