Vertical Ergonomic Wired Mouse




Wrist-Protecting 5-Button Vertical Mouse (Left-Handed or Right-Handed)

Rest your wrist!

This mouse is more ergonomic than a typical mouse, making it more comfortable on your hands, wrists, and arms than a typical mouse, especially for those with injuries or soreness in these areas.

Left-handed or right-handed!

Feel more comfortable clicking with your favorite hand!

Product Facts!

-Basics: Wired USB mouse.

-DPI/Sensitivity: Adjustable DPI (Dots Per Inch/Mouse Sensitivity): 800 DPI, 1600 DPI, 2000 DPI, 3200 DPI.

-Buttons: 5 buttons + mouse wheel: Left-click, right-click, browser window back, browser window forward, adjust DPI.

-Operating Systems: Plug-and-play support for MacOS and Windows.

-Weight: About 6 ounces (170 grams).

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