Shipping Note

Most items have a shipping time of 2-4 weeks if shipped to the continental US, and may have shipping time of 4-6 weeks if shipped elsewhere.  If you buy multiple items in a purchase, these items will normally be shipped to you in separate packages to expedite shipping.

Orders are normally processed in 1-2 days.

Refund Policy

Sometimes, your stuff is damaged or dysfunctional by the time you receive it, and sometimes what your receipt says you ordered wasn’t what you received.  If that happens to you, we apologize and offer you this solution. In any of these events, in the body of your email, provide your receipt for this order as well as your name as it appears on this order and write “REFUND REQUESTED: DAMAGED ITEM” in the subject line if your item is damaged or dysfunctional or “REFUND REQUESTED: WRONG ITEM SENT” in the subject line if you received a different item from us than your receipt shows.

In addition, you must physically mail the item to return to the address below and pay all shipping costs yourself.  These shipping costs are not refundable!  If you receive a refund, the cost of shipping the item back to you will be deducted from your refund!

Once your returned item is received and inspected, we shall email you to notify you that we have received your item and, after the item is inspected, also notify you if your refund request is denied or approved.

Refunds will only be considered for items purchased from Power Word: Tech within 14 calendar days of them being delivered to your address.

Send all your items to return to this address:

Order Received Email

Greetings from Power Word: Tech!

We have received your order for <ITEM LIST> and your order is on its way!  Remember, most items ship to the continential US in 2-4 weeks and elsewhere in 4-6 weeks.  If you ordered multiple items at a time, these items will normally arrive in separate packages for faster delivery.

Feeling eager to watch over your order’s every move?  Check its package tracking status!

Experience a problem with your order?  Email <ADDRESS> with <SUBJECT LINE> and let’s solve that problem!



FAQ: Shipping
Why does shipping normally take 2-4 weeks to the US and 4-6 weeks elsewhere?

Many of these items are produced in China and simply require time to arrive at your front door.  If science fiction-like teleportation technology existed and were safe and reliable to use as standard practice, you probably would have already received your order and not be reading this page.

Bigger stores like Amazon and Walmart simply have the resources similar to that of small countries, enough to stock items worldwide in a multitude of warehouses and with fleets of vehicles.  Power Word: Tech isn’t there yet. However, if we could safely and reliably get your items to you at or above the speed of light, we would.

Why do different items purchased from the same order normally arrive in separate packages?
We know that shipping takes awhile and want to get you your items ASAP!

FAQ: Product Quality

What do you mean, “China?”  Don’t they just produce cheap, illegal knock-offs?
Absolutely not!  Major global companies like Apple, Google, Harley-Davidson, and Nike rely on China to manufacture their products!  This is a list of over 100 major American companies with Chinese factories.

FAQ: Company Name
Why did you choose the company name Power Word: Tech?
This name is a reference to the Dungeons & Dragons spell series from various editions, as well as World of Warcraft’s Priest spell series.