From the desk of Mr. ‘Curly’ Campbell, founder of Power Word: Tech.

Greetings, Problem Solvers!  Here at Power Word: Tech, it is my earnest desire to aid you, Problem Solver, in solving your tech-related problems!  Perhaps you’re a casual user, just wanting something to get you by.  Perhaps you’re a business professional or an educator, wanting tech to last you until your next upgrade cycle.  Perhaps you’re a POWER USER who simply wants the best money can get you. Don’t worry. I’ve been all of these, and want you to feel empowered and satisfied by getting something that is right for you, Problem Solver.  Yes, you!

The best consumer technology in this world simply can’t replace the best parts of human interaction, but it can improve them!  Bring home the tech you want and need and be your household hero, your school hero, your business hero, and perhaps even a superhero!

Power Word: Tech: Adding humanity to technology.

Humanly yours,

Mr. ‘Curly’ Campbell

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Adding Humanity to Technolgy. 10% of Proceeds go to Charity.