SilentWolf Gaming Wired USB Mouse (3200DPI)




SilentWolf Gaming Wired USB Mouse (3200DPI)

Be silent, yet deadly!

Click your left and right mouse buttons much more quietly than a standard mouse!  Surprise your opponents who don’t hear you coming!  Click in ways that don’t alert your roommates!

Glow every color of the rainbow!

Customize the color of your mouse’s lights!


Product Facts!

-Wired USB gaming mouse with programmable macros.

-Adjustable DPI (Dots Per Inch/Mouse Sensitivity): 800 DPI/1600 DPI/2400 DPI/3200 DPI.

-5 buttons + mouse wheel: Left-click, right-click, browser window back, browser window forward, adjust DPI.

-Plug-and-play support for Windows.

-Weight: About 6 ounces (170 grams).

-Size: About 5.4 inches x 3.15 inches x 1.5 inches (13.8 cm x 80 cm x 3.8 cm)

-Cord Length: About 55 inches (140 cm).

Product Gallery!

Custom Macro ProgrammingCool Black Tech


V6-_15V6-_16Real Shot First LookV6-_05V6-_06V6-_07

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